Saturday, 24 July 2010

The Rainbow Orchid - The Quest Continues

Fans of sumptuous, detailed artwork and rattling good yarns rejoice - Julius Chancer is back in the second thrilling episode of Garen Ewing's The Rainbow Orchid - available to order now. This time Julius's quest for that elusive flower takes him all the way to India where he has to contend with plane crashes, punch ups and the rare beauty of an angry maternal snow leopard*. It's all jolly good fun in the best European comics tradition: but it's more than just a homage or tribute to the adventures of Tin Tin and others you may recall from your misspent youth. It lives and breathes and stands proud on its own two feet - Garen's book deserves to win every award going for graphic novel artwork and storytelling.

Truly, if you don't like The Rainbow Orchid, you don't like life!

You can sample the strip from the beginning here and buy both volumes 1 & 2 from Amazon or from Garen's store (where you'll also find a choice range of Rainbow Orchid merchandise too).

(*Snow leopards are one of my favourite animals. I have pictures of them on my notice board at work. So I was especially thrilled to see one guest starring in this comic - with its cub to boot.)

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Nige Lowrey said...

Always loved Garen's work and I have my copy at home ready to read as soon as I finish a manga volume. I didn't realise this was a trilogy but I'm looking forward to the third volume even before reading the second...

....and even though I still have my old copy, a Rainbow Orchid-style repackaging of his Tempest adaptation would be cool..


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