Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Top Ten Valentine Songs

We'll get back to sexy next week... today though, we're going with soppy. Or not, as many of these songs look at the darker side of Valentine's Day. Which is good because I've never been a fan. If you're not in a relationship, it's just another kick in the ribs. If you are... well, not everything's roses, is it?

10. The Humms - No One Wants To Be Alone On Valentine's Day

Goes without saying really.

9. The Killers - The Ballad Of Michael Valentine

More tarnished Vegas romanticism from Brandon Flowers Pops.

8. The Very Sexuals - Anti-Valentine

Sounding like the Jesus & Mary Chain playing Unchained Melody in a Twin Peaks bar, this track is available to download free (along with the rest of their excellent album, Post-Apocalyptic Love) from the Very Sexuals website.

7. Richard Hawley - Valentine

About the only truly romantic song on this countdown, but that's OK because it's Richard Hawley and that's allowed.

6. The Auteurs - Lenny Valentino

In another life, Luke Haines was the south coast's answer to Martin Scorcese. Or Oliver Stone...

5. Tom Waits - Blue Valentines

Guilt and betrayal haunt every line of Tom Waits' apocalyptic love letter. Just devastating.

4. Bruce Springsteen - Valentine's Day

Nobody writes "driving to see my baby" songs like Bruce and this is one of his most atmospheric. Like much of the Tunnel Of Love album, it's dark and dramatic.

Is it the sound of the leaves
Left blown by the wayside
That's got me out here on this spooky old highway tonight?
Is it the cry of the river
With the moonlight shining through?
That ain't what scares me baby
What scares me is losing you

3. Frank Sinatra - My Funny Valentine

Or you might prefer the Elvis Costello version. Depends what kind of day I'm having.

2. Ruth - Valentine's Day

Stay out of my way on Valentine's Day!

Ah, Ruth... with tunes this good, you should have been massive.

1. Billy Bragg - Valentine's Day Is Over

One of Billy's best. Damn, these lyrics take some beating...

Thank you for the things you bought me, thank you for the card
Thank you for the things you taught me when you hit me hard
That love between two people must be based on understanding
Until that's true you'll find your things
All stacked out on the landing, surprise, surprise
Valentine's Day is over

But which song were you hoping for in the post this morning?


Steve said...

I just know you're an old romantic at heart...

Kelloggsville said...

Only Frank could sing a song that says 'you're pig ugly and thick but I love you' and still make it sound sexy and romantic. Lovely way to start day with Frank.

dave said...

Is this going to knock Bragg off top spot on your sexual list? I hope not.

All Richard Hawley songs have that romantic streak to them. Me, I get all of a tizzy over Coles Corner.

And Lenny Valentino is a cheat, it's an o at the end not an e, you soppy fraudster

Rol said...

Steve - I have an old romantic's heart, that's true enough. I ripped it out of his chest while it was still beating.

Kelloggs - there ought to be more "honest" love songs...

Dave - I suspect Bragg might well have to settle for second place on the Sexual list...


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