Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Louise Went To New York And All She Brought Me Back Was This Lousy T-Shirt...

...although obviously, since The Big Lebowski is my all-time favourite movie, this is pretty much the Best. Present. Ever.

Yes, Louise went to NYC without me. Her friend won First Class tickets and invited Louise along... although the airline did their best to muck them about and not actually give them First Class... just "the First Class Experience". Which turned out to be not quite the same. Still, free flights to the city that never sleeps... home of Peter Parker, Andy Sipowicz, Bruce Springsteen (yes, I know that's Jersey, but that's where they flew to) and so many more of my heroes. The Dude himself abides in Los Ang-eles County, as I'm sure you're all aware... but he does have a presence in the Big Apple, thanks to this little store Lou and her friend stumbled across down in Greenwich Village.

How cool is that?

And this T-shirt really ties my wardrobe together.


Steve said...

That's a pretty cool present, I have to say. Gok Wan would be wasted on you.

Martin said...

I have a t-shirt from the self-same shop, also brought back for me by my partner on her trip to NY without me!

Kelloggsville said...

I seriously hope they got to actually sit in first class, still lucky girls :)

ArcticFox said...

funny you should say that.... there was an easter weekend of films at the Nook in Holmfirth (i think it was the easter weekend) - they were showing Jaws and The Big Lebowski - with themed dress codes and matching themed food and drink (i believe it was white russians and bowling alley food for the Big Lebowski) - suffice to say they were NOT observing the traditional "dude game" of smoking a spliff and drinking white russians in sync with the dude!! Also my mate confessed that he reported "Dude-ology" as his chosen religion on his census form.


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