Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Why I Don't Get My Sci Fi Nerd Badge

Thanks to Samurai Frog, who pointed me towards this list of 20 Things Every Sci-Fi Nerd Should Own Physically & Emotionally...

1) Conan The Barbarian Soundtrack

I was never much of a Conan fan, though if I were I suspect I'd have wanted someone other than Arnie to play that particular Hyborian hero. As to the soundtrack...?


2) Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep

I have read this but honestly preferred the film. It is still on my bookshelf though, so I guess I score one point here.

3) The Twilight Zone Collection

Yes. The original US box set with TZ companion book included. Rod Serling is a genius.

4) The Original Star Wars Trilogy – WITHOUT ANY ADDED CRAP

I have the original VHS videos upstairs in the attic, pre-Special Edition, though I think even they had been mucked around with prior to release. I'll count that as a yes, even though I haven't watched them in years.

5) A Profound Hatred for Star Trek Enterprise

I never watched any Star Trek apart from the original Kirk & Spock series, but I don't have any particular hatred for the other series. Enterprise was the one with Scott Bakula, right? How can anyone hate Scott Bakula? (Louise went to college with Scott Bakula's niece. She got a signed photo as proof but she's lost it now.)


6) The Lord of The Rings Extended Edition, The Soundtracks and all of the books

Never liked Orcs.


7) A Profound Sadness for the Way Battlestar Galactica Ended

Never seen it, though Louise has been watching the DVDs and is preparing herself for a let down.


8) A Passionately Favorite Version of the REAL Doctor Who

By "real Doctor Who", I guess you're referring to the pre-revival era? Personally, I don't think of that as any more real than the current incarnation. The Who I grew up with was Tom Baker and I also had a great fondness for Peter Davidson. My favourite Doctor of all time may well be Matt Smith though...

Half a point?

9) A Fear That Will Smith Will Someday Star in The Movie Adaptation of Your Favorite Book

I Am Legend is a favourite book and I had few problems with the Will Smith movie. I guess that's another:


10) Toys from Your Childhood That You Refuse To Part With

Huggy bear. (He lost his nose to a dog.) Not very sci fi, but I'll take the point.

11) The Belief that the Word Midichlorian Was Just from a Nightmare and NOT a real Star Wars Movie

I'll definitely take that point.

12) The Original Tron Movie

Y'know... I'm not sure I've ever ever seen it.


13) An affection for the TV show Firefly

"Affection?" We call it love round these parts.

14) A Hatred for Chris O’Donnell

Why? Because he wasn't Burt Ward? Nah, I don't hate O'Donnell. I might hate Joel Schumacher... if it wasn't for Falling Down.


15) You Know Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics


16) You think Cheetara is HOT!

Thundercats was after my time.


17) You Believe Aliens are our REAL Gods

Am I trying to get my Sci Fi Nerd Badge or my Complete & Utter Numbskull Badge?


18) You Have a Favorite Animated Cult Sci-Fi Movie

Can't think of one.


19) You Blame Hot Rod for Optimus Prime’s Death

Transformers was (just) after my time.


20) You DESPISE Michael Bay for Masturbating on your Childhood

No, I despise George Lucas for that. Michael Bay is just an idiot. If I despised idiots, I'd never leave the house.


Seven and a half out of twenty? Guess I can't claim my badge. I suck at everything...


Steve said...

I only managed 5. So. I'm not a nerd. Does this mean I'm cool? Not sure I could cope with that.

CalvinPitt said...

I only got 2 (#10 and #15). I could take #11, since I sort of ignore midochlorians. I don't really need to know how the Force works, you know? Heck, make it 3 points.

Also, I prefer "Last Man on Earth" with Vincent Price as an adaptation of I Am Legend, and "I, Robot" was lousy, but that doesn't fill me with fear of Will Smith being in a movie.

dickvandyke said...

I didn't understand any of this.
I struggle enough with this planet.

(Although I did quite like Katy Manning in a Dr Who episode I watched once in 1973).

Kelloggsville said...

I know not this language that you speak. Zero !

Nige Lowrey said...

I scored disappointingly (or affirmingly, depending on your point of view on this :) ) low.

Never seen Tron? It's Jeff Bridges!!

Rol said...

Steve - sorry, the absence of nerd does not cool make.

Calvin - I prefer The Omega Man.

DVD & Kelloggs - you don't know what you're missing.

Nige - I know, but somehow even that wasn't enough to persuade me.

ArcticFox said...

all it means is that in the eyes of a bigger nerd you're not such a big nerd..... you're still our local nerd and if that deserves a badge.... feel free to take one!! I'll leave one in a geocache up Merrydale for you!!

Rol said...

Thanks, Fox, that makes me feel better.

I think.

Rob Wells said...

I scored even lower than you, with just two and a half points (I'd rather the word 'midichlorian' was just something from a nightmare, I enjoyed Firefly, and while I have read Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, I don't currently own a copy, so I just gave myself half a point for that one). I always knew I wasn't much of a sci-fi nerd, though. I am a nerd, just not that sort of nerd.


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